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She has taken a break from her career as an educator to care for her family. Before having children, she'd hoped to do a lot of traveling. But more important than seeing the world is earning money and establishing a career before buying that first crib, Americans say. The most important thing is being financially stable 67 percent say this is extremely important ; the second most important thing is having a good health insurance plan 57 percent say this is extremely important. Having an established career is somewhat or extremely important to 91 percent of respondents, while 66 and 67 percent, respectively, rate buying a house and graduating from college as somewhat or extremely important.

With 57 percent of respondents saying that having a good health insurance plan is extremely important, that means more Americans believe it's more important to have health insurance before having a baby than to be married. Karpowitz cautions there may be an underlying kindness in some of the responses. Of the 3, people in the survey, conducted by YouGov between Aug.

Of those who were married, the average age at the time of marriage was 24, and the average number of children they have is 1. In practice, the respondents' average number of children was less than their ideal. Fifty-five percent said two children are ideal for a family; 24 percent said three. There are demographic differences in how people view the importance of marriage before becoming a parent. When ranking the ideal sequence of relationship milestones, most Republicans and black Democrats said marriage should come first, then cohabitation and sex, with children later.

White Democrats, however, chose sex first, then cohabitation, then marriage, then children. But all respondents stress the importance of financial stability, even over a relationship, across all demographic lines, Karpowitz said. Thirteen percent said they somewhat or strongly agree. When Karpowitz and Pope analyzed the financial status of the respondents' households, they learned the concerns are not unfounded. Parents suffer financial hardships in greater numbers than people who have no children, the survey reveals.


Nearly three-quarters of people with children still living at home said they were worried about paying at least one bill every month, compared to a little more than half of people without children at home. More than one-quarter of respondents with children at home said they had failed to pay an important bill in the past year, twice as many as respondents who are not currently raising children.

Moreover, more than 1 in 5 respondents with children at home said they had borrowed money to pay bills, compared to 16 percent of those without children in the home. And 44 percent of families with children said they had experienced a significant economic crisis in the past year, compared to 30 percent of those without children. Veronica Banton, a mother of two in Columbia, South Carolina, said she and her husband have struggled financially through much of their year-old marriage. Banton was on Medicaid when her first child, a daughter, was born when she was And she received government benefits for food while her children were young.

This is because babies who are a handful of weeks early are often delivered still wearing their lanugo, a fine hair that protects babies during gestation. But just be patient—your preterm baby will soon shed his or her furry covering and look plumper and more like a term baby soon! If your baby is late, they could arrive with somewhat dry skin, particularly around the scalp area.

Babies who are early usually need to eat often and in small amounts. That means feedings can become exhausting for both the baby and the parents! From the early NICU days with regularly scheduled feedings and working up to longer mealtimes to waking every hour or two when you get home to feed the little one, just feeding your preemie baby can be hard work. Fortunately, a few days on the outside—and some good feeds—will help them look their best. Babies who are earlier than 31 weeks tend to have trouble eating the way term babies do.

At this early stage, babies are still meant to be in the womb, so it can take some time for them to get used to eating out in the real world.

Pre-Baby Expenses

Many parents of early babies celebrate early milestones like the first feeding by mouth and similar progress. After all, the longer a baby stays in the womb, the more likely they are to be a bit bigger than average. And how far along they were when they were delivered can say a lot about their abilities or special needs in their first few months. In the last few weeks of pregnancy, both moms and babies continue to grow.

This means a late baby is less likely to be petite, even if mom feels like her belly is already at its limit! But many other mamas want to see the placenta, take it home, or even encapsulate it for supposed therapeutic purposes. Whatever the reason, if you decide to look at your post-dates placenta, it might not look too pretty. While moms who start labor early are often in for a drawn-out experience, moms who go later term tend to have faster births—if they go into labor on their own.

Most often, early babies need help with their respiratory systems, so you can expect to have a respiratory team or other staff on hand, maybe just outside your room, when delivering your early baby. The later a baby makes his or her exit from the womb, the more likely it is she or he will have a bigger appetite.

Delivery Expenses

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, as some tots have dainty appetites regardless of how late they are to the party! For some early babies, feeding is a challenge, but so is finding a suitable food source. We know that breastmilk is an ideal food in most situations, but some babies in the NICU need even more calories and fat than breastmilk provides.

Some hospitals, like the one I had my son at, combined formula powder with breastmilk to practically double the calories and fat per ounce. Plenty of parents of preemie babies already know this fact: premature infants are more susceptible to illness than term babies.

The test makes sure your baby can breathe properly while buckled into their car seat—an important step in getting ready to go home! For term babies, sticking next to mom can often help regulate body temperature.

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But for babies who are early, they sometimes need a bit more help to stay healthy. An incubator can keep a steady temperature—plus keep out germs—enabling your early baby to acclimate over time. Even months later, early babies can show signs of needing a bit of help keeping warm or cool enough, depending on the environment. As much as some babies like their white noise, the sounds they hear in the womb are a bit more muffled than what we experience on the outside.

For babies who are early, quiet is even more important as these little ones are still developing critical internal systems.

Premature babies, however, tend to need quiet so they can get as healthy and strong as possible. Holding babies skin-to-skin on your chest can help them regulate their body temperature, feel secure, and even keep their vital signs steady. Of course, the bonding benefits are huge for parents and caregivers, too. For early babies, not only is quite helpful for their development, but sleep is also super important.

While young babies are sleeping, their little brains—and bodies—are doing important work!

Sleep is important for term babies, too, but it is even more impactful for babies who might have been born with some health problems. Especially for early babies, overstimulation is a very real occurrence, and families can help prevent it by making sure babies remain in familiar environments with as little noise as necessary. You may also want to limit family visits if you notice your baby is having a hard time dealing with being passed around.

Agree on Division of Labor

The bigger babies grow, the more they develop those intricate parts, and after a few weeks or months, your baby will have developed his or her own unique fingerprints. Although many pre-term babies look a little different than typical newborns, some preterm babies look just like any other new infant.

Dealing with a jealous toddler when a new baby comes along

Babies can still require help breathing or other assistance even if they appear to be fine. Blood sugar and body temperature fluctuations are other common examples of ways pre-term babies look fine but really may not be. We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests.

We respect your privacy and we are committed to safeguarding your privacy while online at our site. The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for this Web site. I have learned two very important things from the past couple of months. First, marriage can be extremely hard and needs to be nurtured daily, no matter how busy life gets. And second, always put your marriage first, even before your children. Your relationship with your spouse is one of the main bricks of a solid foundation for your family. That lifelong commitment needs the attention and care it deserves. One baby step at a time.